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Corporate Event Photography

Your company puts a lot of time and energy into events. Have us photograph your event for you to use with marketing, blogs, and social media.

Non-profit Event Photography

Non-profits thrive on donations in order to operate. We can help you by capturing your events, so you can maximize visibility and continue to reach out after the event is finished. Candids are important, and my team and I will capture key moments throughout your event.

Community Event Photography

Events are at the heart of our communities. If your community is having an event you would like captured to share with other members, or for marketing, we can help you.

Personal Event Photography

Do you want your child’s special day to be treasured forever? We can help preserve those exciting moments, so they can be looked back on for generations. Are you having a baby shower? We can take candids. Would you like a photo reveal to later send out on cards and social media? We’ve got you covered there too! If there is an event, we can capture it.





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Pricing starts at $350 for 1 hour of candids only. Due to the vast differences in services and time needed for each event, we will write up a custom quote for each event. Contact us to get a quote for your event needs.

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